Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Winter 2016
This term we will be holding our general meetings every Wednesday at 6:30 p.m. in Creese Conference Room A. Changes regarding time or place of the meetings will be addressed if any conflicts arise during the term.

About Us

Drexel University Circle K is a collegiate service organization and is a sponsored leadership program of Kiwanis International. Our local Kiwanis group is University City Kiwanis; you can learn more about them on their website. This is an open group dedicated to community service, learning and leadership. Circle K International is the largest coed collegiate service group, and Drexel's branch has a unique position to promote meaningful relationships between students and members of the community surrounding the university. Drexel Circle K was chartered in 2001 and continues to be one of the largest community service clubs on campus.

Circle K Hierarchy

Circle K is not a Drexel-specific club; in fact, it's an international organization. Below you will find the official logo for Circle K International. For more information about CKI, check out their website.

Within Circle K international is a multitude of Districts. The idea is tantamount to a country's provinces. Drexel University Circle K is a part of the Pennsylvania District, comprised of all Circle K clubs throughout the entire state. To learn more about our district, check out their website.

Below each District sits the Division level of CKI. A Division is yet another way to divide bigger Districts into more manageable parts, combining organizations who are typically closer together in order to promote inter-club collaboration. Drexel Circle K is a proud member of the Liberty Division, which also consists of the University of Pennsylvania, West Chester University, La Salle University, Alvernia University, and Philadelphia University.

And then there's us, Drexel University Circle K! Members of Drexel Circle K are involved with something so much greater than just a school-wide club. Circle K is an international organization, and Drexel is happy to host yet another registered club.

The Pledge

"I pledge to uphold the Objects of Circle K International, to foster compassion and goodwill toward others through service and leadership, to develop my abilities and the abilities of all people, and to dedicate myself to the realization of mankind’s potential."